How to Join(for international students)

To be a regular graduate student;

- Please take a look at IGP(A) in Tokyo Tech's webpages. You will have a chance of 5-year (master+doctor integrated) scholarship by MEXT (Ministry of Education...of the Japanese government) selected by Tokyo Tech. Specifically, in these years, I am involved in this program which is one of IGP(A) programs. The deadline of application is usually at the end of November.

- If you do not need scholarship or if you already have your own scholarship, please also take a look at IGP(C) in Tokyo Tech's webpages in which you can either apply for master or doctor course. For getting a MEXT scholarship for IGP(C), each embassy of Japan in your country have a system. Please visit its homepage.

- There is Innovative Asia, a JICA system for scholarship.


To be a visiting student (either master or undergraduate) for a few months or so;

- Please look for a non-degree program (ACAP, YSEP, Tokyo Tech Summer Program, Winter Program, or any other program) of Tokyo Tech.


To be a rather independent postdoc (for two years); 

- Please see a JSPS webpage on the JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowships for Research in Japan (Standard Program).


For more information about one or some of the above, please visit this site of Tokyo Tech (or JSPS webpages for postdoc fellowships for research in Japan), and also please contact me via email  (kanae (at)



興味のある方は、まずはメール(kanae (at)してください。



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東京工業大学 環境・社会理工学院 土木・環境工学系 土木工学コースを受験してください。 できれば事前に見学に来てください。






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